Mixing Every Bath Bomb From Lush Together

Hello friends! Here is a weird video we made where I mix every bath bomb from Lush together into one, single, franken-bath bomb. Just a heads up - this video was filmed a couple of months ago, pre-quarantine - I would not recommend heading to the mall right now, but I would recommend taking a nice bath, with or without some fizzing bath products.

Anyway, I figured - this type of experiment has worked (within reason) for a wide array of products like lipsticks, foundations, and candles - so why not try mixing every single bath bomb from one store together to see what kind of bath we get? It's BATH makeup science. Wait, no makeup. Bad bath science? Idk.

This video is NOT sponsored! We did get permission from Lush to film at their store, but we paid for all of our bath bombs!

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  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard

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    HELLO FRIENDS!! Just a heads up - this video was filmed a couple of months ago, pre-quarantine - I would not recommend heading to the mall right now, but I would recommend taking a nice bath, with or without some fizzing bath products. Stay safe, everyone! xoxo, saf

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      ideas to mix things: perfume, soap, nail polish, foods/drinks?

    • Leah B

      Leah B

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      I watched this like 30 times

    • Leah B

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  2. • Eggcat • Uwu

    • Eggcat • Uwu

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    This is a different way to do the 100 bath bombs challenge

  3. Anonymous Girl

    Anonymous Girl

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    I feel like if she got sponsored by a certain company, she would destroy the products while telling people how good they are.

  4. _this_is_mitchy_ on IG

    _this_is_mitchy_ on IG

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    Im rewatching their Videos so often because i Just Love her way Of talking its so calming. ,🥰

  5. • heike •

    • heike •

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    I could smell the bath bombs...

  6. SkyWingHelps


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    Haha, more bad science...

  7. WolfieInnit


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    You should mix all icing flavour together

  8. Dakota McClure

    Dakota McClure

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    Word for smash killl

  9. alan phipps

    alan phipps

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    Why are they playing the bule Dundee as background music

  10. Megan Pippin

    Megan Pippin

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    You said smash 10 times (no I'm not using the word shmash)

  11. Dani Wright

    Dani Wright

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    Why was this under baking? Please dont bake your bath bombs



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    Franken lotion?



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      Franken shampoo?

  13. Verna Hrris

    Verna Hrris

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    less oil and more binder like rubbing alcohol

  14. Ebony’s Daily life

    Ebony’s Daily life

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    Marvel reference 😂😄😄😄👏👏👏

  15. Cecelia Hutchinson

    Cecelia Hutchinson

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    love the tub god

  16. Sophie Fliegler

    Sophie Fliegler

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    realizing safiya spent almost $400 on bath bombs is just... insanity

  17. Carmen Moreno

    Carmen Moreno

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    Seeing this 2021 June when Tyler said this will be a meme it is a tik tok trend *happier*

  18. Bryce Thurgood

    Bryce Thurgood

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    it is not compacked enough at the bottom

  19. •{Magic_Mushrooms}•


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    Cyndi but he’s dead hah your a terrible secret Kepler

  20. Hailey Sullivan

    Hailey Sullivan

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    Her: what else could we put in this thing? Me: oh no! She shouldn't have so much power!

  21. Carolyn Wendell

    Carolyn Wendell

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    “Do not huanka -huanka the bath bombs.”

  22. Heather Mcintyre

    Heather Mcintyre

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    You should do a q&a

  23. Heather Mcintyre

    Heather Mcintyre

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    How old are you

  24. Fly away

    Fly away

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    “Do not honka honka the bathbombs” that had be dying😂

  25. Lila


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  27. Alice


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    You need to push the colours down

  28. Lorin Caddell

    Lorin Caddell

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    We’re sorin flying there’s not a star in heaven that we can reach were breaking free

  29. Ieuan Major

    Ieuan Major

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    Lush in Britain said some rude things about British police

  30. Destiny Hilton

    Destiny Hilton

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    I think I have a idea for you guys….maybe mixing every ice cream flavor and seeing what you get??

  31. why hello there it’s me

    why hello there it’s me

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    the multi-coloured bath bombs are all just variations of the colours of the pansexual flag

  32. Arfuna Istiba

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  33. Nancy Fow

    Nancy Fow

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    I am 9

  34. Leann Marissa

    Leann Marissa

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    The dusty japanese conspicuously land because yew recently disagree besides a arrogant beer. spiritual, snotty kimberly

  35. 🦋Layla Osborne🦋

    🦋Layla Osborne🦋

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    Can you make a Frankin soap from like Sophora or lush or Bath and body Works think that would be lit

  36. Krissy Steel

    Krissy Steel

    Prieš 2 dienas

    I once was at a hotel and I took a bath w/ a pink bath bomb and it made my hair all gross and left a gooey surface on the rim around the tub

  37. Caesha Cooper

    Caesha Cooper

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    Do soaps now

  38. Dizzy_Isabella 24-7

    Dizzy_Isabella 24-7

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    you should do nail polish!

  39. The Hansen Twins

    The Hansen Twins

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    I love twilight

  40. gem


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  41. Chevy Lady

    Chevy Lady

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    Yup fuzzy navel is orange juice with peach snapps it’s delicious

  42. OceanicArtistLife


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    Nostrils full, wallet empty😂

  43. ꧁Ocean Ivy꧂ #stopanimaltesting

    ꧁Ocean Ivy꧂ #stopanimaltesting

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    At least it didn’t end up as what happened to Laurenzside, when the bath bombs spilled out, and her house kinda got destroyed

  44. Kiran Powell

    Kiran Powell

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    She should mix all bath & body works lotions

  45. T B

    T B

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    I wanted them to try the original powder on the machine. It might have worked.

  46. T B

    T B

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    Uhh they were all multicolored...

  47. Pxstal Goth

    Pxstal Goth

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    u hae such a posh voice but fun aswll, its amazing.

  48. Kŷi Mally

    Kŷi Mally

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    That groove bath bomb gave me vibes from Big Mouth's episode "Planned Parenthood" when they played "Groove Is In The Heart"-

  49. Ally Bailey

    Ally Bailey

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    Meanwhile that dude in SF had to steal soap from Walgreens and risked his freedom just to clean himself. Why not donate these to those in need instead of an absolutely useless "experment"

  50. Calvin Groover

    Calvin Groover

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    The substantial lettuce greely choke because feather sicily call excluding a shocking cyclone. waggish, awful license

  51. alexis denny

    alexis denny

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    this video seems so expensive to make lmfao

    • Ally Bailey

      Ally Bailey

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      And all for a useless experiment, when many homeless dont have access to soap. She could of donated them, then I would be impressed. This is so wasteful.

  52. Kako Chan

    Kako Chan

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    I just love the way she says "hello friends"

  53. simp


    Prieš 3 dienas

    Body butter?

  54. Connie Johnson

    Connie Johnson

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    Please mix all the gummy bears you can find into one big one

  55. NotDan


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    I love watching videos back 🥰

  56. Nellene Ulmer

    Nellene Ulmer

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    18:37 LOL it’s the blueberry scented candle all over again, maybe worse because the powder gets in the nose and lungs.😂😂

  57. Peppa Pigs Stalker

    Peppa Pigs Stalker

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  58. aashna


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    Omg Safiya should mix all the extracts like vanilla and stuff and make a franken extract. Sounds disgusting but fun

  59. Ellie Troke

    Ellie Troke

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    Ones she can do Lip balm Lip gloss Perfume Sops

  60. - CrazyCookie6 -

    - CrazyCookie6 -

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    Is that hevesh5 in the background at 22:37?

  61. Dark C:wolfy

    Dark C:wolfy

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    English translation for the whole video please

  62. Megan Elizabeth

    Megan Elizabeth

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    I love the way they look at each other 💖😍

  63. The wonders of the world Alison

    The wonders of the world Alison

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    When you were smelling I thought you were drinking it

  64. Jennie Teuscher

    Jennie Teuscher

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    “If I keep digging do you think I’ll find Renesme?” “What the hell is that” 😂😂😂

  65. Jen_Ten16


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    Tyler: what else can we put in there? Me: uhhhhhhh food?

  66. Name


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    I saw high school musical

  67. Ealana Archer

    Ealana Archer

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    You missed about 1258 or increase about 1 million cases equals about 10 million smells or if I’m wrong you can correct me

  68. Cheyanne Burke

    Cheyanne Burke

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    Safiya: “Say hello to the new kitchen!” Tyler: “Hello.” I died lol! 😂

  69. SAVAGES Are Here

    SAVAGES Are Here

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    Stranger things style?

  70. Zephyr Rosuton-Sama

    Zephyr Rosuton-Sama

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    Man, I miss that Royalty crown bath bomb, it helped me realize just what scents I prefer most for myself as an agender bean ^.^'' I wish I could replicate it for like.. Shampoo and lotion, maybe even a spray

  71. Sarah Anusheh

    Sarah Anusheh

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    the "Tyler do I look like i know" made me laugh hard enough to snort water out my nose

  72. sing with goodness

    sing with goodness

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    I want her to do this with slime 😁😁😀😀😀😀🤩🤩🤩

  73. Lily’s TV

    Lily’s TV

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  74. xXCloudyXx


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    The things we waste money on for youtube

  75. Nicholas Evans

    Nicholas Evans

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    You should make a Frankenstein soap

  76. Andrew Ericson

    Andrew Ericson

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    You should make a face soap together

  77. Petya Lozanova

    Petya Lozanova

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    You can make a candle by adding wax to the franken water and then let it harden. I am not sure tho if this is the right method to make a candle, but it is and idea.

  78. JoJo Radioactive

    JoJo Radioactive

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    You like soaps so much so mix those together

  79. Eri


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    No one- not even mr beast Me- “I wonder how much it is for all the bath bombs-“

  80. Maria Mundell

    Maria Mundell

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    Bath and body works experiments on animal

  81. Tutu Tink

    Tutu Tink

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    He’s a mile before

  82. Réka Hegedűs

    Réka Hegedűs

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    OMG how rich are you, girl...??? o_o

  83. isabella littleton

    isabella littleton

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    Are you actually going to put it down your but

  84. MilkMation


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    The cashier when she sees how many bath bombs she got: 👁👄👁

  85. Lena Edwards

    Lena Edwards

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    The resolute close physically follow because weeder pivotally clip through a momentous cost. hushed, spotted crayfish

  86. Edits ect.

    Edits ect.

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    Duuuuude just wait till they wash anything in this video their entire kitchen sink is gonna be fizzy af

  87. Niranjan Potla

    Niranjan Potla

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    Try mixing body lotions together

    • Ally Bailey

      Ally Bailey

      Prieš 3 dienas

      Try not wasting stuff that homeless people are in need of and donate them instead. Then i will be impressed.

  88. Poopers Poop

    Poopers Poop

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    me: um they have eggplants XD

  89. Aijusu


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    Sadly is given use lush my skin would probably peel and become hives :( so when I get bathbombs I just regift them 💀🥲

  90. Crazyloomer


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    Turn to Jesus and be saved

  91. Lilly Ledoux

    Lilly Ledoux

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    this is funny you make great videos lol

  92. ElizabethInsanity TheDemonEmo

    ElizabethInsanity TheDemonEmo

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    Wait shouldn't the eggplant be white inside?

  93. Itsjust_Rosey


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    Can anyone else just smell the store from the screen or just me?

  94. Angelique Cheung

    Angelique Cheung

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    I LOVE ALL THE REFERENCES!!! Nostalgic and cracked me up. 22:36 - 22:40. I realized the reaction was in sync.

  95. Avi _Barrel Racer

    Avi _Barrel Racer

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    It’s like lush got dusted by Thanos 💀😭💀😭

  96. Riz Zle

    Riz Zle

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    Hey I have an idea for what you did and ask you should do mixing all soaps from somewhere together

  97. oknyeo ha

    oknyeo ha

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    Me watching this “ mother take me to bath and body works!”

  98. Demona Noir

    Demona Noir

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    Im gonna say that every time my husband leaves for work lol "Farewell, sweet penis"

  99. AnimatiönJüniper


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    YALLS LUSHES ARE HUGE- the lush in my mall is like the size of my living room- it’s so crowded in there like 2 people can comfortably fit in there along with employees and register workers

  100. Replay Speed

    Replay Speed

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    You should call it Frankenbomb