I Tried Following A Soap Cupcake Tutorial

So I am a huge fan of fancy soaps, in every way, shape, and form - I love smelling soaps, feeling soaps, and using soaps - and last year I even tried following a soap art tutorial to attempt to make my own batch of snazzy, swirly soap. So when I stumbled upon a whole new category of soapy treats - *dessert* soaps - I figured, we had to try and make some soap cupcakes for ourselves. So I followed a sparkling champagne soap cupcake tutorial from Soap Queen TV/Bramble Berry with ~interesting~ results, to say the least!

EDIT: also, apparently the goggles we were wearing aren't the safest option, so if you try something like this please get some real soap-making goggles!!

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The tutorial we followed is here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwnm0...
You can check out Anne Marie's channel here: ltwindow.info
And the Soap Queen blog here: www.soapqueen.com/
And the Brambleberry store here: www.brambleberry.com/

And the inspo for this video, Nectar Bath Treats here:

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  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard

    Prieš metus

    HELLO FRIENDS!! i hope you enjoy our latest foray into the world of soap making!! as a disclaimer, the footage filmed in the soap store at the beginning of the video was pre-quarantine! i hope u all are staying safe

    • Ella


      Prieš 23 val

      @King chicken masala The egg bandit?

    • King chicken masala The egg bandit

      King chicken masala The egg bandit

      Prieš dieną


    • King chicken masala The egg bandit

      King chicken masala The egg bandit

      Prieš dieną

      @Ella p-08-809w./

    • Sunset Skye

      Sunset Skye

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    • Amel Khan

      Amel Khan

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  2. nursekinz


    Prieš val

    next up: i made the worlds largest bar of soap

  3. Appledash Ismyfaveship

    Appledash Ismyfaveship

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    I have been watching safiya’s videos for 3 hours straight I lost track of time the only reason I know it’s been a few hours is because the sun is going done and when I started watching the sun was very bright

  4. Emery Martin

    Emery Martin

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    ; - ;

  5. Shannon Vallelonga

    Shannon Vallelonga

    Prieš 12 val

    just me trys to eat them my friends pull me away XD

  6. Hunney bee

    Hunney bee

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    I wanna eat it... it would prob taste terrible 😣

  7. Donuts Cupcakes

    Donuts Cupcakes

    Prieš dieną

    You do realise that when you said "lets do this" the sighns you were putting up mean "hang loose", right?

  8. Sophia marshall

    Sophia marshall

    Prieš dieną

    i just like how your videos are almost always an hour long😂😅

  9. Kacie Bledsoe

    Kacie Bledsoe

    Prieš dieną

    “Buying all of the fragrance oils and mica powders from bramble berry and mixing them to make a soap”

  10. Madi Cook

    Madi Cook

    Prieš dieną

    How is your fridge so empty?

  11. Jillian Kuhn

    Jillian Kuhn

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    Everyone else in this comment section: talking about the soaps. Me: her fridge... how is it so EMPTY???

  12. Brooklyn Respeto

    Brooklyn Respeto

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    This looks so fun✌️✨❤️

  13. qolau mumiu

    qolau mumiu

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    The busy bronze bizarrely shock because jump perinatally handle qua a aspiring person. feeble feigned, shocking united kingdom

  14. • arii | café trainee •

    • arii | café trainee •

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    can we just try to count how many oh s**ts she says at 24:31 and can we just count how many oh f*ck there are at 24:44

  15. Kyndel Taylor

    Kyndel Taylor

    Prieš 2 dienas

    The soap is so cute

  16. Avory ASMR

    Avory ASMR

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    24:30-24:45 r u ok after editing thattt

  17. りゅう


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  18. Jay The Lugia2

    Jay The Lugia2

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    Personally I would be offended that Anne Marie didn’t comment

  19. Panda Sushi poo

    Panda Sushi poo

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    Can you plz stop with the bad words I am only 6

    • Luna Wildwolf

      Luna Wildwolf

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      If you are six you shouldn't watch her channel this isn't a kids channel go back to LTwindow kids

  20. Its_ Candyyy Gacha

    Its_ Candyyy Gacha

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    “Soap cupcakes are friends not food”

  21. Angella Ngoepe

    Angella Ngoepe

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    you get a lot of likes dude

  22. Kate Benik

    Kate Benik

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    I want a collab!!!

  23. Grey grey

    Grey grey

    Prieš 3 dienas

    Wait why is lye so dangerous and shouldn't touch your skin, but you put it inside of soap which goes on your skin?

  24. Sami Miller

    Sami Miller

    Prieš 3 dienas

    Merch idea: t-shirt/sweatshirts with “welcome to booty town” on the front and then “what that means I don’t know…” on the back. Idk I just want merch that says welcome to booty town 😂😂

  25. Anaiya Delemore

    Anaiya Delemore

    Prieš 3 dienas

    If I did this I would die because I ate the soap. It looks too good

  26. What you know bout rollin down in the deep😳

    What you know bout rollin down in the deep😳

    Prieš 3 dienas

    She needs to sell these 😫😫😫 I would buy the whole stock

  27. RadioactiveRain (GingerKinder)

    RadioactiveRain (GingerKinder)

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    20:00 Saf impersonating Waluigi

  28. Xx Minty xX

    Xx Minty xX

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    I was playing the no internet dino game and it got so fast I could barely blink. I got to 1231, (my high score is 1874) aughhhh Edit: my eyes hurt from staring at my computer screen. (I'm watching on my phone)

  29. Avery Adams

    Avery Adams

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    Thanks for keeping me entertained while I clean my trumpet 😂😂

  30. garbage


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    i sincerely cannot express to you how much seratonin your videos give me

  31. Georgia Holland

    Georgia Holland

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    In the fridge there r only beers and nothing else 😂

  32. gd hyphen

    gd hyphen

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    It’s amazing how rewatchable her videos are

  33. Alex The Royale

    Alex The Royale

    Prieš 3 dienas

    I am now constantly at Lush and Bath & Bodyworks to find a wild Safiya, I have not found one yet, but I will

  34. Hina Ali

    Hina Ali

    Prieš 3 dienas

    can you use the soap

  35. Gh0ul


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    The amount of time she has said a swear word in the video is high

  36. StarBro Talents

    StarBro Talents

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    but can she make a real one

  37. Katie G

    Katie G

    Prieš 4 dienas

    Not me knowing Lye can be used in dissolving... certain... things. 😅😅😅

  38. StarBro Talents

    StarBro Talents

    Prieš 4 dienas

    they forgot to make safya go to the other room when making the lye water

  39. Lisa Emelia Tindra Malm

    Lisa Emelia Tindra Malm

    Prieš 4 dienas

    Cristine would be proud of the glitter

  40. Ranbruhhh


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    Bramble Berry is a #girlboss

  41. Aurora Stoltz

    Aurora Stoltz

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    You should really have a soap store ❤️❤️❤️

  42. Crazyloomer


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    Turn to Jesus and be saved

  43. ꧁Lxvely Stxrs꧂

    ꧁Lxvely Stxrs꧂

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    Saf: Holo glitter Christine: *dID yOU sAy H💿l💿??*

  44. Kellie Hutyra

    Kellie Hutyra

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    It smells like grandmas been drinking 🤣😂

  45. PeanutButter Funnytime

    PeanutButter Funnytime

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    Safiyas videos are so like...professional yet they are still funny and entertaining

  46. Stuti Chugh

    Stuti Chugh

    Prieš 5 dienų

    those office references tho!

  47. Brownie K

    Brownie K

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    Where’s the food in the fridge

  48. elisha varga

    elisha varga

    Prieš 5 dienų

    pretty sure the soap cutter is ruffled to give each edge more surface area, which makes it melt faster

  49. Macie Lofton

    Macie Lofton

    Prieš 5 dienų

    Recreate those in baking

  50. Macie Lofton

    Macie Lofton

    Prieš 5 dienų

    I felt stupid when she said let’s put these cupcakes in the fridge. Me thinking let’s put these cupcakes in the oven

  51. pesce canella

    pesce canella

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    Try out making chocolate at home!

  52. MysteryBruises


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    Mica is mined my children in India. Just sayin

  53. Sabiha Imani

    Sabiha Imani

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  54. Kendal Beffre

    Kendal Beffre

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    Whoever does the captions 🥲 I appreciate you.

  55. Nathanael Coolen

    Nathanael Coolen

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    Dont use palm oil 😱

  56. Mckayla Sellman

    Mckayla Sellman

    Prieš 6 dienų

    Safiya- puts the frosting bag down Me- wait your not gonna eat that *me remembering that it’s soap and you can’t eat it😳😐

  57. matt waldman

    matt waldman

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    The oceanic farm philly snore because tub italy receive per a industrious pediatrician. impartial, steady activity

  58. Stella Kron

    Stella Kron

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    The soap cakes at 1:58 remind me of the Hulk

  59. Metaphysical Monsters

    Metaphysical Monsters

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    I should not have watched this while hungry

  60. Melissa Andrade

    Melissa Andrade

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    The unusual balloon dfly expand because stone fittingly improve notwithstanding a incandescent toothbrush. gaping, secret dictionary

  61. Tyler Marando

    Tyler Marando

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    Who here watches this video almost every day? 😂



    Prieš 8 dienų

    Annemarie: so now you will do a dollop in the center Safiya: OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT Annemarie: and now you shall build around the base Safiya: OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK The difference between Annemarie’s calm instructional voice and Safiya’s panicked fast voice is hilarious 🤣

  63. Clare Ehrmanntraut

    Clare Ehrmanntraut

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    Why not any cat toppers

  64. Clare Ehrmanntraut

    Clare Ehrmanntraut

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    Oo prity purple

  65. __ᴍɪᴋᴀ.ᴇxᴇ__


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    5:45 every Genshin player knows the moon

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    Line mørup

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  67. lindsey nicole

    lindsey nicole

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    make a soap taco

  68. Don’t call me Andeisa

    Don’t call me Andeisa

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    “Homemade with love, but not much skills” 🤣 That one got a laugh out of me.

  69. Harmony Lowe

    Harmony Lowe

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    At first I was like I wonder how it would taste and the I was like 😖 oh ya

  70. Ella Hidalgo

    Ella Hidalgo

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    Why does it look like her fridge is so empty? Also Simply loves Safiya more with the holo

  71. PepperTheDemon


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    Why is their fridge always empty and looking brand new? Do they just buy a new fridge for every video or something

  72. What you looking at? ._.

    What you looking at? ._.

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    Why do they look so delicious

  73. jennifer morton

    jennifer morton

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    Hollow simplynaillogical where are you

  74. Mustofa Mukit

    Mustofa Mukit

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    She has a collection of measuring cups

  75. Jocely Ramos

    Jocely Ramos

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    24:31 Mom, the TV's not working.

  76. naaheed kulsum

    naaheed kulsum

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    I am so done with the beeps. They are sooooo anoying

  77. Ophelia Sykes

    Ophelia Sykes

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    Dress like 5 different Disney princesses for a week

  78. Leslie Winkle

    Leslie Winkle

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    You should make a rosette cake! I'd just love to see your take on it and hear the narration

  79. Adina Guzman-Collins

    Adina Guzman-Collins

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    The stormy kohlrabi extremely suit because computer successfully mug notwithstanding a cagey land. uninterested, sour branch

  80. Erina Shullet

    Erina Shullet

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    That cupcake soap will go well with Halloween

  81. Emma


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  82. Muriel Schneider

    Muriel Schneider

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    no wonder it is called lye because you want to eat the soap when it is done but you can't because it is a lie 😏

  83. Harrison Dunlop-Clark

    Harrison Dunlop-Clark

    Prieš 16 dienų

    These sorts are banned in the U.K. it’s against the law to sell them, mainly because of kids. Could mistake them to eat. Crazy.

  84. Andrea Garcia

    Andrea Garcia

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    The massive driver immunologically spoil because pyjama expectably enter throughout a depressed fragrance. acoustic, illustrious alcohol

  85. Jessica


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    I am living for Tyler being a cheerleader!

  86. Cathy M

    Cathy M

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    Why must all the soap things look so good but be so inedible?

  87. itUni


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    Lol I love her videos

  88. Adina Guzman-Collins

    Adina Guzman-Collins

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  89. The Digital Glitch_XXX Error

    The Digital Glitch_XXX Error

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  90. The O Kane’s

    The O Kane’s

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    Frosting the cup cakes sounded likes morse code

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    fakhouri Alaai

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    Clare Lim

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    I can't believe that such beautiful and tasty-looking things are made out of such toxic compounds. My life is a lye.

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    Niya Ben Edayanal Benoy

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    paramm playz

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    Omg you are gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️❤️You remind me of Robin from How I met your mother

  96. Cat Reinert

    Cat Reinert

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    you should watch Roalty Soaps "Royal Academy of making soap" Katie has step by step instructions to make soap.

  97. carolin


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    Cupcakes are an awkward shape. I think a doughnut might be easier to handle 🤔

  98. Jolee Pitts

    Jolee Pitts

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    Lol. When she was trying to mix up the hardened butters for the frosting the captions said *intense mixing sounds paired by Safiya’s despair*

  99. Annika-Drew


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    They are lying when Safiya said “ let’s put these cupcakes in the fridge for a couple of hours” then she said it’s the next day and she’s wearing the exact same thing she’s wearing her black longsleeved top and a reddish colored springy hair tie (you can see her wearing the Black longsleeved top and the reddish colored Springy hair tie) 5:06 (Now she says it’s the next day after putting the cupcakes in the fridge and she’s wearing the exact same top and springy hair tie) 29:24

  100. Íngrid Grauberger Coffee-Hime

    Íngrid Grauberger Coffee-Hime

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    that piping tip makes the circle of frosting look like a circullar churro lol