I Made Lipstick From Scratch

Hello friends! Bad makeup science is back! Wait no, not *bad* makeup science -- potentially *good* makeup science! Or, at least okay makeup science.

So a few months ago while I was jonesing to melt something, I encountered this book -- called Make It Up, by Marie Rayma -- which details how to make pretty much every beauty and body product you can think of, custom and from scratch. And being the lipstick fiend that I am, I decided to follow one of her lipstick recipes to make myself a custom lipstick (color and base) from scratch. What do you think of my final color? What product should we tackle next?

You can check out Marie Rayma's channel here: ltwindow.info/desk/PoQ...
And her book here! www.humblebeeandme.com/make-i...

Just a quick note re: the mask test - this video was filmed in April, which was before the mask mandates were lifted where we live!

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  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard

    Prieš 11 dienų

    HELLO FRIENDS!! i hope you guys enjoy this video in which i basically just nerd out over lipstick ingredients and pigments, lol -- what did you think of our final color? and which makeup product do you think should we make ~from scratch~ next?? xoxo, saf

    • madeilne voguez

      madeilne voguez

      Prieš 19 minučių

      Make eyeshadow from scratch

    • Ally Johnson

      Ally Johnson

      Prieš 4 val

      Zombie blush!!!

    • Jenna S

      Jenna S

      Prieš 11 val

      Yes please I would love a color of my life 🤣

    • Cheyenne Craddock

      Cheyenne Craddock

      Prieš dieną

      OFC! The weirder the better! I love your videos!!

    • Rman Nayr

      Rman Nayr

      Prieš dieną


  2. Grizzly Marmelade

    Grizzly Marmelade

    Prieš 12 minučių

    These homemade lipsticks still look better than the ones of Jaclyn Hill 😅

  3. madeilne voguez

    madeilne voguez

    Prieš 17 minučių

    You make lotion from scratch

  4. Melyn Le roux

    Melyn Le roux

    Prieš 20 minučių

    Can jou do losen

  5. margot pepple

    margot pepple

    Prieš 2 val

    You should try using the tattoo lipsticks

  6. Mai R

    Mai R

    Prieš 4 val

    American measurements are just wild to me

  7. let's Go infinite AJ

    let's Go infinite AJ

    Prieš 4 val

    To this day I'm still pissed that you died in ESCAPE the night

  8. Wen


    Prieš 5 val

    I'm allergic to castor oil. Just started watching your video and saw that was one of the ingredients you bought. Are there any lipstick recipes WITHOUT castor oil?

  9. Erika Vroonen

    Erika Vroonen

    Prieš 6 val


  10. Steven Ellison

    Steven Ellison

    Prieš 6 val

    Judging by the conversations my eight year old has whilst playing Fortnite, yes, "noob" is still a thing.

  11. C1 Clan

    C1 Clan

    Prieš 6 val

    Damn your supposed to be teaching us life lessons not to hate on othes

    • Puffer Fish

      Puffer Fish

      Prieš 5 val

      When was she hating on people? Also since when is she supposed to teach life lessons??

  12. Koryna Dianocky

    Koryna Dianocky

    Prieš 7 val

    Castor oil also a pretty legit laxative. 👌

  13. miruna268


    Prieš 8 val

    i thought the colour she was going for was one of the 4 examples shown in the beginning, but what she ended up with is pretty too

  14. Lyssa M

    Lyssa M

    Prieš 9 val

    wow americans TRULY will do ANYTHING to avoid using metric, huh. please,,, use grams,,,,,,, even milligrams,,,,,,,,,,, save safiya from the fractions,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  15. paula


    Prieš 13 val

    americans out here handling 5/64ths of a teaspoon when you could just convert it to grams. (ofc teaspoon is a unit for volume and gram is one for weight, but you could convert that using density)

  16. midnight wolf

    midnight wolf

    Prieš 16 val

    Did you know a average female consums 195 pounds of lipstick in a life time?

    • Puffer Fish

      Puffer Fish

      Prieš 5 val

      I feel like that statistic is way outdated. Most women I know don't even use lipstick most of the time...

  17. Jaz W

    Jaz W

    Prieš 16 val

    I'm an artist, you need an egg tempera pestle to smash your pigments down finer. Don't use a coffee grinder, you don't want that stuff airborne! The pestle is solid glass usually and has a wide flat base where you grind the pigment in a circular motion on a sheet of glass. Look up how to mix egg tempera paint (like the old school paint that the old masters in Europe used a million years ago)

  18. Katie Tentarelli

    Katie Tentarelli

    Prieš 17 val

    lipstick for AnTs?!

  19. Lean Green

    Lean Green

    Prieš 17 val

    nude colors are very forgiving. Try a dark shade! 😜

  20. Nicole Marcel

    Nicole Marcel

    Prieš 17 val

    Mean girls came out in 2004 and I love That we still use quotes from the movie til this day. Mean Girls is ICONIC.

  21. leslie carpio

    leslie carpio

    Prieš 19 val

    Please do tiny cooking !!!!

  22. Axsthetic_Angxls


    Prieš 20 val

    Safiya, so u are actually famous in China for smth I am from Malaysia and I watch douyin Chinese TikTok and u have gone famous for wearing a transparent clothes in public and since u are American they kinda said some stuff about American girls I am srry…

  23. jen luna

    jen luna

    Prieš 20 val

    now im waiting for mixing every lipstick pigment i can find (or every color)

  24. Annika Simvetti

    Annika Simvetti

    Prieš 20 val

    I love this one! Please make more homemade makeup products (or soap because those videos are awesome too)

  25. Kathryn Smith

    Kathryn Smith

    Prieš 20 val

    Did anyone else notice that they put Sophia on her starbucks order XD

  26. 🎮Roblox gaming🎮

    🎮Roblox gaming🎮

    Prieš 21 val

    Can you mix together all different flavors of hi-Chew

  27. Jessica Roxanne

    Jessica Roxanne

    Prieš 21 val

    Great video Sayifa & Tyler :)

  28. Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter

    Prieš 22 val

    Is it just me or does Sofia have a thing for Marie's soap and now lipstick an I just weird

  29. teafxlhusky


    Prieš 22 val

    Am I the only one who thinks Safiya should mix a crap ton of deodorant together-?

  30. Angelica Vizcaino

    Angelica Vizcaino

    Prieš 23 val

    I like the movie bolto😶🙃

  31. Acheron Alexander

    Acheron Alexander

    Prieš 23 val

    Here to find the balto 2 joke

    • Acheron Alexander

      Acheron Alexander

      Prieš 23 val

      Found it

  32. Cap'n Crimson

    Cap'n Crimson

    Prieš dieną

    Was I the only one that noticed the iced coffee was made for "Sophia"?

  33. TeDdYtEaRs999


    Prieš dieną

    Do a Franken wine it would be cool

  34. Kelda_crossing


    Prieš dieną

    It wasn't until you did the mask test that I remembered that I haven't worn make-up since lock down started...

  35. Steven Lerner

    Steven Lerner

    Prieš dieną

    please make lots more makeup science from scratch, i cant wait for next one.

  36. Steven Lerner

    Steven Lerner

    Prieš dieną

    im glad u liked number 2.... i think it could be a bit more purple. but it looks amazing. and thanks for making this video

  37. Steven Lerner

    Steven Lerner

    Prieš dieną

    good job, i love seeing y0ou make things. its amazing.... and i hope u get ur zombie pink :)

  38. 👶BabydollPlaysStuff❤


    Prieš dieną

    *L I P S T I C K G A N G*

  39. neko rat

    neko rat

    Prieš dieną

    I swear your vibe is like a luaren z side vibe for me LOL

  40. dAnCiNg_kErMiT


    Prieš dieną

    "One could say I have been around the lipstick block ... one could also say that I have issues" *zooms in on Safiya putting on giant lipstick in a lab coat and goggles*

  41. Iris Beryl Frondoza

    Iris Beryl Frondoza

    Prieš dieną

    Been subscribing and following you since 2018 ❤️sending love from 🇵🇭

  42. Angie Hernandez

    Angie Hernandez

    Prieš dieną

    Think about starting your own brand...just a thought.

  43. Angie Hernandez

    Angie Hernandez

    Prieš dieną

    Loved this video..

  44. Erica Martin

    Erica Martin

    Prieš dieną

    Can we please have a “will it lipstick?” Series with random ingredients ?! 😂 hot Cheeto lipstick???

  45. Becky-Chan


    Prieš dieną

    watching her mix that first color i was yelling at the screen like "why are you using yellow tones to mix a pale purple-ish pink???" I love you Safiya, but cmon xD

  46. Amy Chetwynd

    Amy Chetwynd

    Prieš dieną

    please someone tell me if safiya has an Etsy?

  47. natnatnat


    Prieš dieną

    And here i am, waiting for her to make lipcream😂

  48. Lesley Reese

    Lesley Reese

    Prieš dieną

    That 2005 WOW reference felt personal.

  49. Evaluation & Applied Research Department

    Evaluation & Applied Research Department

    Prieš dieną

    By now Safiya is ready to make her own lipstick line (not her colorpop collab) at this point.

  50. 🌸Justinya🌸


    Prieš dieną

    Does anyone here miss the old background? I sure do miss the white wall with fairy lights...

  51. Rori D

    Rori D

    Prieš dieną

    You should make a full size Brucie Bruce

  52. Emily Ackerman

    Emily Ackerman

    Prieš dieną

    You should try lipstick in a Valentino White bag

  53. Esther Haywood

    Esther Haywood

    Prieš dieną

    Safiya: I did perhaps french this cup Tyler: ooh!

  54. DR. Suezette Aloysia and Carl Avery Cooper

    DR. Suezette Aloysia and Carl Avery Cooper

    Prieš dieną

    “Whatever it is, that girl put a spell on me” ~Jimi Hendrix “Walking distance to the Riverwalk “ -Dr Carl 🌿Dr Suez~

  55. Charlotte Brackenbury

    Charlotte Brackenbury

    Prieš dieną

    My brother tried to give me a tattoo with radiator and crayon 🖍 when I was kid

  56. Charlotte Brackenbury

    Charlotte Brackenbury

    Prieš dieną

    Can't you makeup with crayonI'm sure seen 5 minute craft

  57. Charlotte Brackenbury

    Charlotte Brackenbury

    Prieš dieną

    We want weekly videos on this channel I sent you loads crazy fashion from alli express on twitter

    • Puffer Fish

      Puffer Fish

      Prieš dieną

      Saf will upload when she wants to. Weekly videos burned her out. Enjoy the livestreams instead 😁

  58. Marrinette Dupain cheing

    Marrinette Dupain cheing

    Prieš 2 dienas


  59. State of Kait

    State of Kait

    Prieš 2 dienas

    ok the final result was so good!

  60. Emily Van Handel

    Emily Van Handel

    Prieš 2 dienas

    She says more big words then i’m taught in all my years of school tbh

  61. aswer huio

    aswer huio

    Prieš 2 dienas

    I would have called “made out with a hotdog” “clay all day” and the mauve one “mauve your butt”

  62. Sandy Jara

    Sandy Jara

    Prieš 2 dienas

    Omg!! I was on Shien and I really thought you came up with your own line of clothes!!!! Its the SHEIN x Sadaf Edit and you look a lot like her!!!

    • aswer huio

      aswer huio

      Prieš 2 dienas

      Love the Video. Still waiting for a make up Line with safiya with made out with a Hot Dog and other great lipstick namens xD

  63. Pretty. In.Peach

    Pretty. In.Peach

    Prieš 2 dienas

    "It just tastes like wax which you guys know is a flavor that I love" lmfao 🤣

  64. IvyaTalim


    Prieš 2 dienas

    Yes, people still say "noob" even in World of Warcraft.

  65. Hakuna Natata

    Hakuna Natata

    Prieš 2 dienas

    I appreciate your efforts of researching on this before making it!!! Would definitely buy ur products if u ever drop a beauty line heheh

  66. Himani Panwar

    Himani Panwar

    Prieš 2 dienas

    Why don't you start your own lipstick? ❤️❤️

  67. Yama S

    Yama S

    Prieš 2 dienas

    WAIT. You know Safiya said you don't want your lipstick to be a crayon? CAN YOU TURN A CRAYON INTO LIPSTICK???!!!

  68. Gem Gems

    Gem Gems

    Prieš 2 dienas

    ohhh she's the girl who made cake with lipstick lol

  69. Fatima___sh


    Prieš 2 dienas

    I feel like the second color would’ve looked more dead with some blue 🤔

  70. Valatrix


    Prieš 2 dienas

    Hmm... I feel like a zombie pink color lipstick could be called something like "Dead kiss"

  71. Mieke Kotzé

    Mieke Kotzé

    Prieš 2 dienas

    Sell this coler

  72. Paskov Ivan

    Paskov Ivan

    Prieš 2 dienas

    i mean its interesting yes but dude .. the amount of money you spent on the products and the co2 footprint you left is just so much....

  73. ladykterina


    Prieš 2 dienas

    imagine getting a compliment on ur lipstick, and ur like:Thanks, i made it myself!..definitely not something you would expect in such a convo

  74. Tessa Smith

    Tessa Smith

    Prieš 2 dienas

    I would have called “made out with a hotdog” “clay all day” and the mauve one “mauve your butt”

  75. Polish Girl

    Polish Girl

    Prieš 2 dienas

    Hohoba lol now I know

  76. Zi Xuan子絢

    Zi Xuan子絢

    Prieš 2 dienas

    ive watched around 1h 25min of her videos, and a empty assignment :/

  77. rachel mdp

    rachel mdp

    Prieš 2 dienas

    I wanted her to mix together all the color pigments. Like a franken-pigment lipstick

  78. Icha Arts

    Icha Arts

    Prieš 2 dienas

    Love the Video. Still waiting for a make up Line with safiya with made out with a Hot Dog and other great lipstick namens xD

  79. Joanne Hwang

    Joanne Hwang

    Prieš 2 dienas


  80. ILikeCheezz


    Prieš 2 dienas

    "We don't want a literal crayon" Lip crayons: 👁👄👁

  81. Kas P.

    Kas P.

    Prieš 2 dienas

    Your big sleeves always remind me of the costumes in Deja Vu by Dream Catcher. I think you'd appreciate their sleevage as a big-sleeves-fiend.

  82. Bhanavi Mathur

    Bhanavi Mathur

    Prieš 2 dienas

    Safiya, seeing you in this outfit reminds me that I must tell you to try this clothing brand called 'Turn Black'. Every time I see their page I think of you xD

  83. I Luv Murphy

    I Luv Murphy

    Prieš 2 dienas

    Those tiny measuring cups are so cute but wouldn’t measuring the pigments out in grams/milligrams be easier?

  84. Gracie


    Prieš 2 dienas

    I really like all the colors you made. Each look beautiful on you. There was something about the first one on you that I really liked!

  85. xxxxSOSEXYxxxx


    Prieš 2 dienas

    Part 2 Part 2!!!

  86. xxxxSOSEXYxxxx


    Prieš 2 dienas

    I’m so happy you made this video cause I’ve always been obsessed with lipstick even since I was a young kid. I’d have a giant make up box full of them that I’d carry around with me when I was 5. I’ve wanted to make my own one day, but haven’t gotten to it yet. So I’m loving this video. 😍

  87. TheQueenOfChaos


    Prieš 2 dienas

    Colourpop: am I a joke to you?

  88. Poop NOODLE

    Poop NOODLE

    Prieš 2 dienas

    That first one is literally my DREAM color

  89. jack Newell

    jack Newell

    Prieš 2 dienas

    i feel as if though we need a need a dusty yellow

  90. TSL1-0620 Muhammad Syahrul Farhan Bin Mohamad Azmi

    TSL1-0620 Muhammad Syahrul Farhan Bin Mohamad Azmi

    Prieš 2 dienas

    Please mix all pigments

  91. Lexi S.

    Lexi S.

    Prieš 2 dienas

    franken home made lipstick by combing all of the pigments together💄??? too much?? lol

  92. minij hooi

    minij hooi

    Prieš 2 dienas

    "Clear like a cloudless sky, ON MARS" 😂🤣

    • Austinzhang


      Prieš 19 val

      I'm not here often to reply and talk with you, add me on Google Hangout, austinzhang678@Gmail.com I'll keep in touch over there

  93. Jasper Dilts

    Jasper Dilts

    Prieš 2 dienas

    I can’t believe that you’ve watched Balto 2 let alone remember a song from it! I loved that movie when I was little

  94. dgt dsfw

    dgt dsfw

    Prieš 2 dienas

    The offbeat caution hisologically jump because children hepatosplenomegaly search around a determined cannon. wild, melodic measure

  95. Chile Brooklyn

    Chile Brooklyn

    Prieš 2 dienas

    Omg at 25:36 Safiya look sooo prettyyy

  96. voldemort


    Prieš 3 dienas

    can we please have a video where she just creates super strange lipstick colors?

  97. GIS


    Prieš 3 dienas

    teaspoon measurements are sooo confusing. grams are so much simpler 😅

  98. Javier Quinones

    Javier Quinones

    Prieš 3 dienas

    Girl... Roblox players: when they see bacon: NO OB So yes, we still use it, also Minecraft users so ya