I Tested Clickbait DIY Soap "Hacks"

Hello friends! So, after a long break from testing out \u0026 reviewing clickbait hack videos (I think the photo and video hacks broke me), we decided to make a comeback into the genre by testing out these viral clickbait soap hacks that lots of hackers seem to love making - from Blossom to 5-Minute Crafts to Craft Factory and back. And you know me, I can't resist me some nice soap :). We tried a cloud soap hack, a gummy bear soap hack, and a cinnamon roll soap hack, and shenanigans ensued.

What do you guys think of these soap hacks??

Also, a heads up - though we mention it in the video - cinnamon can be dangerous to use on your skin and ivory soap can release fumes when being microwaved (I guess that's why it smelled so bad), so definitely be careful if you take on any of these soap art "hacks" yourself!!

You can check out Katie from Royalty Soap's video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UDhS...
You can check out the Blossom video that contains our hacks here:
And you can check out Jenna's soap hand video here:

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  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard

    Prieš 8 mėnesių

    hello friends!! hope you all are doing well & staying safe! in this video, we test out 3 ~viral~ soap hacks and regret it soon afterwards, hehe. what do you think of our attempts?? also, if you want to keep up with us in between videos you can check out my youtube or instagram stories (@safiyany)!! we try and post on there every day! xoxo, saf EDIT: also, a heads up - though we mention it in the video - cinnamon can be dangerous to use on your skin and ivory soap can release fumes when being microwaved (I guess that's why it smelled so bad), so definitely be careful if you take on any of these soap art "hacks" yourself!!

    • Am Lily

      Am Lily

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    • Chris Miller

      Chris Miller

      Prieš 4 dienas

      So cool

    • #milky_ cloud#

      #milky_ cloud#

      Prieš 5 dienų

      I love all your videos!❤️

    • RoseYoongi


      Prieš 17 dienų

      There were people saying you need to add a teaspoon of salt for the jelly soaps, otherwise it doesn’t work as well... I don’t know if it actually helps but you could try haha

    • Jocelyn S

      Jocelyn S

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  2. Natalie M

    Natalie M

    Prieš val

    reallt hope little kids still watch u just like i used too:)

  3. Agnawap Barracloughcg

    Agnawap Barracloughcg

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    The ajar tenor anatomically rain because umbrella unexplainably reign along a lyrical burst. terrific, spiritual meter

  4. May Unnie

    May Unnie

    Prieš 2 val

    The Ivory soap one does work, although not as well as the life hack video. I remember doing it when I was a kid. My mom liked to find small ''science experiments'' we could do at home, like the baking soda volcano or putting food coloring and dishsoap in a plate full of milk, and the Ivory soap in the microwave was one of them. Only works with Ivory though. Also, did you know that Ivory is one of the only soap that doesn't sink, but instead floats on water? Edit Ok I wrote this before watching the video and they actually said it. Oh well

  5. John Adler

    John Adler

    Prieš 3 val

    I knew the first one would work. Ivory soap has bubbles in it. Therefore, when it heats up, the hot air trapped in the bubbles expand, and due to the soap being softer because of the heat, the air is able to simply stretch the soap out instead of breaking it. It almost like popcorn.

  6. Marcella Jenkins

    Marcella Jenkins

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  7. Nero


    Prieš 8 val

    Okay so with the ivory cloud just go for 1 minute

  8. il0v3orange._.ducks🧡🐣


    Prieš 13 val

    I think cinnamon is bad for your skin

  9. Claire Landon

    Claire Landon

    Prieš 16 val

    the way tyler said delicious made me laugh so, so hard

  10. Kpopanimevibes


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    Have you ever made a Frankenstein bar soap?

  11. Jayden Emiliano

    Jayden Emiliano

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  12. ganci gjoni

    ganci gjoni

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  13. ew it’s ace

    ew it’s ace

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    Hey thanks for annunciating and writing accurate captions. It makes your content really easy to watch.

  14. Amia Turner

    Amia Turner

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    she sounds like a news reporter

  15. Dumb chicken :3

    Dumb chicken :3

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    The eggplant bath bomb

  16. Mrs.intergalactic


    Prieš dieną

    Ummm yea bring me to dollar general and ill just buy my original foam soap instead of doing a FaNcY " hack " lol

  17. Autumn Strecker

    Autumn Strecker

    Prieš dieną

    The strong smell and is chemicals

  18. ☁︎𝑩𝒍𝒊𝒛𝒛𝒂𝒓𝒅☁︎


    Prieš dieną

    You should never add cinnamon into any type of body wash or anything that goes into your skin it's going to burn you it's not for your skin

  19. Anya Johnson

    Anya Johnson

    Prieš dieną

    Don’t freaking use cinnamon in soap!! That’s a skin irritant. Use brown mica s cinnamon and use the scent thatsss soap safe!! Edit. Glad you said it in the end. I’ve had a reaction to cinnamon before. And I’m an artist.

  20. Sheila Despenes

    Sheila Despenes

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    Where is your shirt frommmmm

  21. Skrot


    Prieš dieną

    Safiya has such a cool way of speaking, im sorry if that sounds weird but its nice to listen to!

  22. Imma Weeb

    Imma Weeb

    Prieš 2 dienas

    i know a way to make the cinimin rolls when you make the soap or when your rolling it roll like a unicorn horn because then you get the little peek at the top of the roll edit: and to smooth the bottom of the roll just cut the bottom off to make it smooth (sry if misspelled anything)



    Prieš 2 dienas

    i feel like the jelly soap was for like dish water

  24. Daegen Tucker

    Daegen Tucker

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    Jealous of your brows seriously

  25. ashley arias

    ashley arias

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    I love you for saying aluminum foil instead of tin foil. I know it should not be that big of a deal to me but for some reason it is

  26. hayes family

    hayes family

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    3:13 if anyone wants to skip the intro

  27. Aimee Worth

    Aimee Worth

    Prieš 2 dienas

    I wouldn't put soap in the microwave because there is toxins in it that will be toxic for your body so if you heat for up after that and it smells like soap I wouldn't eat

  28. GalaxyDraGon…Cat


    Prieš 2 dienas

    Do more of they’d videos

  29. 2k without any videos Challenge

    2k without any videos Challenge

    Prieš 2 dienas

    She used the embeds from the last video

  30. Andrea Casco

    Andrea Casco

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    But why didn’t they just put the plate with the soap in the first place 😂😂😂

  31. Bella P

    Bella P

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    Why is the into three minutes long

  32. Kripa Celine

    Kripa Celine

    Prieš 2 dienas

    LTwindowrs should actually thank crafty panda, troom trooml, 5 min crafts etc.. they are giving you contents... [always look on the positive side] but i hate those channel aka 5 min crafts etc etc.

  33. GamingWithDragons666 Raven

    GamingWithDragons666 Raven

    Prieš 2 dienas

    That gummy soap is going in my mouth

  34. The Besties Channel

    The Besties Channel

    Prieš 3 dienas

    I have tried the cloud soap and it’s not just the ivory soap I used a different kind and it still worked. Just saying

  35. Henry The Gamer

    Henry The Gamer

    Prieš 3 dienas

    Me: Hello 911- 5 Minu- Police: We know, 5 Minute Crafts has been exposed.

  36. Mako Angel

    Mako Angel

    Prieš 3 dienas

    The only hack I found worked was when you don’t have enough eraser you can put the pencil’s end and shave off the metal side with a pencil sharpener

  37. Jenna Rogers

    Jenna Rogers

    Prieš 3 dienas

    I used do to the ivory soap in microwave trick when I would carve soap as a kid

  38. tinkfly loompa

    tinkfly loompa

    Prieš 3 dienas

    Cloud soap just reminds me of Alex in totally spies

  39. Layla Wilson

    Layla Wilson

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    Don't ever use cinnamon in soap it burns

  40. Solveig Katharina Midtgarden

    Solveig Katharina Midtgarden

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    Love how u say alright

  41. yeet :3

    yeet :3

    Prieš 3 dienas

    Me and my mom easily make soaps all of the tim

  42. Xx_RyGuy_xX


    Prieš 3 dienas

    That gummy bear just went 6 feet under

  43. kyarorain


    Prieš 3 dienas

    If you wet the ivory cloud and put it in molds you can make soap-

  44. Just your Average Rando

    Just your Average Rando

    Prieš 3 dienas

    once i was them add in the cinnamon i genuinley felt sorry immediately cause i'm pretty sure most of us knew it was gonna brun-

  45. Lily Grumbles

    Lily Grumbles

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    Her cinnamon rolls look gluten free

  46. Jessi and Synn

    Jessi and Synn

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    I don't know why Tyler reminds me or Freddie from rnje Carly

  47. Grace Erickson

    Grace Erickson

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    why didnt she use a plate for the first hack

  48. Cringey_ Content

    Cringey_ Content

    Prieš 4 dienas

    if you want fancy soap go to Necture, they sell "Milkshakes" made out of soaps!

  49. Aleesha Bozinovski

    Aleesha Bozinovski

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    You wild make Franken soup

  50. beffaqi sofigluj

    beffaqi sofigluj

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  51. Rosy9


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    Did you put the gummy bears in the freezer?

  52. •mxhirx•


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  53. Chelsey Bryant

    Chelsey Bryant

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    Oh the cinnamon noooooo

  54. Happy fairytail

    Happy fairytail

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    Right after she said “strong odour” a febreeze ad played.

  55. Opossum


    Prieš 4 dienas

    Break me off a piece of that cloud soap bar!

  56. Yuko Marion

    Yuko Marion

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  57. Regina Machamer

    Regina Machamer

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    They obviously give no measurements and vague instructions bc then when it doesn't work, you'll say "oh shoot.. *I* must have done something wrong.." instead of blame them for their fake hack.

  58. Regina Machamer

    Regina Machamer

    Prieš 4 dienas

    14:30 actually.. the jelly soap recipe y'all were following asked for *1/2* cup of hand soap lmao

  59. Regina Machamer

    Regina Machamer

    Prieš 4 dienas

    Ever dreamed of having a successful youtube channel? Simply start a hack channel with actual measurements and actual hacks that actually work. It'll be very new, but i think it'll be a hit. ☺️

  60. Chloe Gan

    Chloe Gan

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    omg her house kinda looks exactly like jenna marbles's house

  61. A Swanson

    A Swanson

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    Did your parents never make you cloud soap to play with my mom did

  62. Amanda mccuean

    Amanda mccuean

    Prieš 5 dienų

    Girl you need to use 1 cup Of normal water and 1 cup of boiling water That's how you make Jell-O Literally That's also how you make Jell-O soap You actually just use soap and Jell-O !

  63. Izzy fandoms

    Izzy fandoms

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    As soon as she said 5 minute crafts I had a feeling it would fail

  64. Audrey Castellon

    Audrey Castellon

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    Posting things only weebs will understand to see whos a weeb: day 7 sasageyo sasageyo...

  65. Ryin


    Prieš 5 dienų

    It's not with us tonight It's not in contact tonight it's in cloud heaven tonight R.I.P that cloud soap AYYY

  66. India Dunstone

    India Dunstone

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    F in the chat for the bear feet

  67. Noob to pro artery tips and tricks

    Noob to pro artery tips and tricks

    Prieš 5 dienų

    Same about th choal

  68. Mike


    Prieš 5 dienų

    The microwave soap thing might be fun for kids...anything to get them to wash their hands!

  69. Resania Jarosil

    Resania Jarosil

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  70. Lucy m

    Lucy m

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    hey! If your looking for really awesome soaps go to cat and raven designs, I got some from them and they are pretty and really good smelling!

  71. MysteryBruises


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    Abercrombie and an intractable migraine

  72. Moonlight luna Wolfy909

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    Ah the beginning she just passed a video debunking the video she tried.

  74. An Office Fan

    An Office Fan

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    The office references keep me going

  75. Alicia Wang

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  76. Vicki Bulmer

    Vicki Bulmer

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    She shouldn't have used dish soap

  77. Vicki Bulmer

    Vicki Bulmer

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    You shouldn't put soft in the microwave!!!

  78. Random Bacon Girl

    Random Bacon Girl

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    I don't think the gummy bear hack ACTUALLY cleans your hands......

  79. Andrea Garcia

    Andrea Garcia

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    Oh wow it reminded me of the discount dentist

  81. Ophelia Blue

    Ophelia Blue

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    My friend did the cloud soap and it worked! It was cool You shouldve put it on a plate though-

  82. Dolam Skudoiski

    Dolam Skudoiski

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    My advice if it got no measurements don't even try it

  83. ina martina

    ina martina

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    Love when safiya posts a video

  84. Rayan Ali

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    I'm getting ripped tonight R.i.p that cloud soap ayyyyyyyy lmaoooo

  85. Isabella Burdan

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    does that mean i can eat it?

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  87. Metaphysical Monsters

    Metaphysical Monsters

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    I want to eat the jelly soap so bad

  88. Evaa Hallows

    Evaa Hallows

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    No no Please Do Not put cinnamon in your soap!!

  89. Ai_ jjang

    Ai_ jjang

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    If anyone was planning to do the ivory soap in the microwave thing pls don’t throw away the soap after! I know that it’s not working very well to wash your hands with it but you can put it in the food processor or use your hands (wear gloves) to turn it into laundry detergent/powder! It might not work as well as “real” laundry detergent but who said you can’t wash your clothes with soap?! And it’s better than waste things and throw it away ^^

  90. Uswa Malik

    Uswa Malik

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    Safia gives a Harry Potter reference every Potter head 🤓

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  92. piper lillyyone

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    I love how during the meusurments the captions said give me a sign hit me baby one more time 😂

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    say her last name but without the ard

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    I saw u with simplynailogical and This is ur first vid I watch and I loved this and I'm a sub

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    Ik I’m late but can I just say she looks so pretty-

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    I have an idea if you have not already mix all the soaps together that you can find

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    You should react to Jenna Marbles' dog Kermit testing soap

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    You used footage from 3 of my favorite channes lmao I love How to Cook that with Ann Reardon, she does amazing hack busting vids

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    Nearly heads nick